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My first album of original content, NOISE, is out! Click Originals for more info!

Original Content

All embedded videos are edited by Lynzylu, unless otherwise stated.


Released February 3, 2023

Art Credit: Image of me/music note by Unico
All else by Lynzylu


Credits: Narration and script by Ashe Greenwood, footage by me

NOISE, or Nothing Original Is Sonically Experienced, is an eclectic collection of original music, inspired by both musical influences & life experiences which have played their parts in continuing to shape my musicianship. Originally conceived in 2017, including tracks started as far back as 2015, and worked on little by little (though mostly through 2020), NOISE aims to bring a plethora of sounds, genres, and emotions to your ears! From orchestral to jazz, from rock to EDM, there's a bit of NOISE for all!

Available for purchase on:

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Singles from N O I S E:


Credits: Additional editing, live action footage, and thumbnail arrangement by Ashe Greenwood; background artwork by Badriel

Skinned Knees

Credits: Additional editing and end animation by Ashe Greenwood

Every End a New Beginning

Credits: Thumbnail arranged by Lynzylu

Paint the Town Red

Credits: Thumbnail and video edited by Ashe Greenwood



All embedded videos are edited by Lynzylu, and all cover songs are distributed by GameGrooves, unless otherwise stated.

Zora's Domain
from The Legend of Zelda

Available on:

Welcome to the City
from Deltarune

Available on:

as made famous by Slipknot, from their album All Hope Is Gone

This cover features vocals by RhythmBastard; it appears on the charity compilation album Subliminal Verse: A Tribute to Joey Jordison.

Album available on:

Trophy Presentation
from Mario Kart 64

Featured on the compilation album Skario Kart: A Ska Tribute to Mario Kart 64

Album available on:

Deeper... for Death Chamber
from Sonic Adventure 2

Featured on the compilation album Live: A Hero's Tribute to Sonic Adventure 2 (alongside companion album Learn: A Villain's Tribute to Sonic Adventure 2)

Album available on:

Simple and Clean
from Kingdom Hearts

This cover features vocals by Troisnyx; it appears on the charity compilation album The Day the Stars Blinked Out: A Tribute to Kingdom Hearts

Album available on:

Mt. Chimney
from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Featured on the compilation album Mauville Melodies: A Jazz Tribute to Pokémon RSE

Album available on:

from Earthbound

Featured on the compilation album Summers: A Lo-Fi Tribute to Earthbound

Album available on:

Main Theme
from Shovel Knight

This cover features guitar by NahTony & bass by Lucas Guimaraes; it appears on the compilation album Hail to the Knight: A Metalcore Tribute to Shovel Knight

Album available on:


Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club
Illus Seed Games, 2016

Full soundtrack available on:

Credited as Saiyapimp

To Be With You
Illus Seed Games, 2020

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